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The Courtly Consort Suite in the German-speaking Europe, 1650-1706 (Aldershot, 2009) http://www.ashgate.com

Reviews: ‘No whistle-stop tour of this volume can do justice to its richness of content … I came away from reading this book with a knowledge of many things of which I had at best only dimly been aware before … I was impressed by both the musical and the musicological acumen of the author. The numerous music examples are well chosen and presented … Some of Robertson’s arguments are memorable … Readers will perhaps return to this book most often as a starting point for further investigation of the surprisingly many worthy, and sometimes excellent, composers it brings for the first time to our notice.’ Michael Talbot, Early Music.

‘… clearly written … meticulously researched, it breaks new ground … a valuable contribution to our knowledge of a relatively unfamiliar body of music.’ The Consort.

‘… [an] important study … [with] a wealth of valuable information.’ Viola da Gamba Society Journal


‘Johann Pachelbel, 1653 – 1706’  The Early Music Yearbook, (2006).


Consort Suites and Dance Music by Town Musicians in German-speaking Europe, 1648-1700 (Oxford: Routledge, 2016’).

Review: ‘Robertson marshals the information with admirable clarity, drawing attention to neglected treasures, and showing that there is always something to learn, even from incomplete, second rate sources … His writing looks for—and finds—links and mutual influences, continuityhttps://mrobertson.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=239&action=edit# and interrelated development, almost of ‘schools’ of composition, and aims for an integrated overview of a repertoire much of which is still not widely known. The varied relationships he identifies between published collections mirror the relationships between individual dances in the variety of the movement-linking techniques which he pursues with equal enthusiasm … I have looked forward to the publication of this book and the author is to be congratulated on the completion of his project.’ Viola da Gamba Society Journal.


Edited out: note blackening and mensural notation in seventeenth-century dance music from Leipzig.Early Music (42/2, 2014).


Forthcoming: ‘Changing Concepts and Priorities: The German Consort Suite at the Start of the Eighteenth Century’ in Music in Transition (expected 2018).

Michael has also acted as a music and CD reviewer for Early Music and Eighteenth-century Music.

Scholarly editions of music edited by Michael Robertson

G.F. Handel, Alexander’s Feast (HWV 75), full score, vocal score and parts (Magdeburg: Edition Walhall, EW 904-5, EW 910)

J.S. Cousser (Kusser), La cicala della cetra D’Uenomio.

Suite I (Magdeburg: Edition Walhall, EW 746, 2009)

Suite II (Magdeburg: Edition Walhall, EW 747, 2010)

Suite III (Magdeburg: Edition Walhall, EW 748, 2014)

Suites IV – VI in preparation.

J. Fischer of Vratislavia, Two seventeenth-century suites for string consort (Hebden Bridge: Peacock Press, 2005).

J.C. Horn, Four consort suites from Parergon Musicum oder musicalisches Neben-Werck (Edinburgh: Thesaurus Musicus, 2010).

Michael has also presented musicological papers at every Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music since 2000.

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